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Uyghur Entrepreneurs Network


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Our Mission

Uyghur Entrepreneur Network is the first in Uyghur American history to open the Uyghur American Community Center who serves Uyghurs on both intellectual and spiritual development. We are working closely with Uyghur Human Rights Project and Uyghur American Association regarding the current Uyghur situation. Our center is located at the heart of Fairfax, Virginia. Our goal is to help Uyghur individuals to achieve self-sufficiency and participate fully in the greater community. We achieve this goal by offering the Uyghur refugees with a combination of legal consultation and representation, English-language instruction, financial support, emotional/and housing solution for low-income individual, IT technical training School programs and resettlement assistance. We aim to develop decent and successful Uyghur individuals who will contribute back to the community in the foreseen future.